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Sunil Pawar 

In the late Eighties, at the age of fifteen, Sunil skipped school one afternoon, and walked into the North London offices of music legends, Soul II Soul with a bag full of paintings, he sold everyone of them. Present day and painting and Djing are still a very big part of his life, with commissions ranging from local pirate radio stations to international fashion houses.

His work features in exhibitions and collections worldwide, Notable fans of his work include Kanye West, Kelis and fashion designer Junya Watanabe (whom he has been commissioned by as a feature artist for three capsule ranges)


Junya Watanabe/Comme Des Garcons. Microsoft X-Box. Harvey Nichols. XLR8R. Atari. BBC. UCLA. Converse. Ecko Unltd. Woolrich Clothing. BALS Tokyo. Sunday Times Magazine. Design Week. Action Aid International. Itch FM. The Guardian. Big Issue. Atmospheriques Records. Bravo Zulu Films. M1-11 clothing. Die Gestalter AG.


Nesta space London (National Endowment for Science, Technology and the Arts headquarters)

‘A Show of Force!’ The Stern Pissarro Gallery, St. James’s, London.

‘Helium' Number Eight Members Club, London
'Supersonic' The Reebok Lounge, London
'Bodyrock' Phonica, Soho
'Supastar' AKA/The End
'Flashlite' Ruby Lo
'Cinematic Angel' Dust,London
'Maharajah' Media Centre, London
'Control' The Orange Dot Gallery, Clerkenwell


Orange Dot print show. London
Bloomsbury Art Fair, London
Ap-art Summer show 2011, Soho, London
‘Asia Top Gallery Art Fair’ Hong Kong
'Christmas Show' Art Sensus, London
'Stark' Berlin Fashion Week show
'Boxing Art for Amir Khan' Prism at Harvey Nichols
'Art London 2010' Royal Hospital, Chelsea
'Noborders first anniversary' Noborders, Hong Kong
'Eyestorm' Eyestorm Design, Ipswich
'Creative Syndicate' Les Trois Baudets, Paris
'Flawless' Duo show with Nick Walker,

 Flawless Diamond Jewellers, London
'Love will bring us Apart' Scion Installation Space, Los Angeles
'Hoover show' Las Vegas Lofts, Las Vegas
'Flagship store takeover' Harvey Nichols, London
'Noborders Launch' Noborders, Hong Kong
'Freewheelin' Installation' Harvey Nichols Menswear Section
‘House of Yamake’ Nokia/Ap-art show, London

'Helium Show' Orange Dot Gallery, Clerkenwell
'Speed' Goodwood festival of speed
‘Ap-art Gallery’ BALS Tokyo
'Customised Racing Helmet show' BALS Tokyo
'Summer show' 2007 Ap-art Gallery
'Summer show' 2008 Ap-art Gallery
'Summer show' 2009 Ap-art Gallery
'Inspired/Clown Skateboard show' Portobello Road, London
'Enzimi Festival' Rome

'Studio 14 show' Rome
'Square Art 2006' Golden Square, London
'Square Art 2005' Golden Square, London
'Square Art 2004' Golden Square, London
'Native Weapon opening show' Carnaby Street, London